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  • l415 ssaw pipe

  • At the same time of doing well in l415 ssaw pipe production and operation, Yunnan company focused on completing the four phases of technical transformation construction projects, realizing industrial upgrading, improving equipment level, and laying a good foundation for the future development of the company. In the l415 ssaw pipe technological transformation project, pollution control facilities have been built synchronously, and a large number of comprehensive utilization projects, such as comprehensive sewage treatment and recycling project, blast furnace gas waste heat and residual pressure power generation, have been invested and constructed.

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What kind of steel is SSAW pipe made of?

Spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe is a kind of metal pipe with spiral seam welded by submerged arc welding technology. SSAW pipe is made of hot rolled coiled steel by automatic submerged arc weld under normal atmospheric temperature. All the pipes are produced according to API Spec 5L, GB/T9711.1, GB/T9711.2, ASTM A252-89 standard.See all results for this questionWhat is l415 pipe?Its also called L415 pipe, which named by yield strength minimum in 415 Mpa (60,200 psi). It covers manufacturing types in seamless (hot rolled and colde rolled), and welded in ERW, LSAW, SSAW (HSAW). API 5L X60 pipe ranges in PSL1, PSL2, onshore/offshore, and sour service. PSL1 is for common use material delivery conditions R As Rolled.See all results for this questionWhat is a SSAW pipe? - www.pipelinedubai l415 ssaw pipeWhat is a SSAW pipe?. Spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe is a kind of metal pipe with spiral seam welded by submerged arc welding technology.. SSAW pipe is made of hot rolled coiled steel by automatic submerged arc weld under normal atmospheric temperature. All the pipes are produced according to API Spec 5L, GB/T9711.1, GB/T9711.2, ASTM A252-89 standard.

What is API 5L welded steel?

API 5L Grade X60 PSL1, welded LSAW, Carbon Steel, 30, WT 0.375, coated with 3PE in accordance of DIN 30670, Quantity 50 km, ends design Beveled, nominal length 12 meters. The resource belongs to the product API 5L Welded Steel Pipe Click permalink to view detail & more descripton.See all results for this questionWhat is API 5L X60 l415?The performances of the API 5L X60 L415 is great. The tensile strength of the API 5L X60 L415 is minimum at 75400 Psi 520 Mpa. It has big allowable stress in oil and gas pipe systems. These strength values are same for the seamless steel line pipe and welded steel line pipe including ERW, LSAW, SSAW.See all results for this questionSturdy, Stainless spiral steel pipe l415 for Industry Uses l415 ssaw pipeThese solid structural spiral steel pipe l415 are used for bending, de-coiling, punching, cutting, framework construction, automotive uses and many more. You can select from customized spiral steel pipe l415 coming with varied thickness, length and diameters.

Sturdy, Stainless l415 steel pipe for Industry Uses l415 ssaw pipe

Apr 07, 2021 · Sturdy, Stainless l415 steel pipe for Industry Uses l415 ssaw pipeSteel Pipes Pipe China ISO Certificated Factory For FBE Anti-corrosion Steel Pipes 50 LSAW DrillinSteel Pipe Thin Wall 304 Stainless Steel Pipe PriceSteel Pipe Welded Pipe Welded Steel Tube Grade 304 Stainless Steel Pipe For Balcony RailingGB T9711 L175 L210 L245 L290 L320 L360 L290 L320 L360 L390 L415 L450 L485 L555 SSAW SteSee a full list on alibaba l415 ssaw pipeSpiral Welded pipe Manufacturer provides good price direct l415 ssaw pipeAdvantages of Spiral steel pipes. First, spiral welded pipes have higher strength than straight welded pipes. Second, according to the tests of relevant research institutions in the United States, although the spiral welded pipe and the straight welded pipe (ERW steel pipe) are at the same level, the spiral welded pipe has high impact toughness.SSAW steel PipeSSAW steel pipe The outside surface can be treated by galvanizing, painting, PE coating, PP coating, HDPE coating and so on, The main advantage is out diameter and thickness can be very big, Normal usage validity time will be around 25-50 years.

SSAW pipes - BBN Group

SSAW pipes SSAW pipes are made of hot-rolled steel strip as raw material, which is often formed by constant temperature spiral forming and automatic submerged arc welding. Manufacturing process is rolling the steel strip, to make the rolling direction have an angle with the direction of the pipe center, forming and welding, so the welding seam l415 ssaw pipeSSAW Transmission Pipe|Bestar SteelSSAW Transmission Pipe SSAW Transmission Pipe:Standard: API 5L, ASTM A252,ISO 3185, EN 10208 Grade:Q235A, Q235B, Q345, L245(B), L290(X42), L320(X46), L360(X52), L390(X56), L415(X60) Size:SAW SSAW: OD: 219.1mm - 4064mm (8" - 160") WT: 3.2 mm - 40mm Length: 6mtr-18mtr used for liquid delivery and gas delivery, such as water supply, drainage and oil, gas, vapour, liquefied SSAW Steel Pipe, Spiral Welded Pipe, Welded Steel PipeSSAW steel pipe is the raw material of strip coil, often temperature extrusion molding, automatic double-wire double submerged arc welding process made of spiral seam pipe. Spiral steel pipe will strip into the pipe unit, the multi-roll rolling, strip rolled up, forming a circular gap opening gap, adjust the squeeze roll reduction, the weld gap l415 ssaw pipe

SSAW Steel Pipe Price | Supplier & Manufacturer - Shanghai l415 ssaw pipe

SSAW (Spirally Submerged Arc Welding) pipes are made from hot-rolled steel coils; the pipes are mainly used in petroleum and natural gas industry to transport flammable and non-flammable liquid and steel construction.SSAW Steel Pipe - Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.SSAW pipe full name is Spiral Submerged arc welding pipe. The pipe is formed by spiral submerged arc welding technology which is called SSAW pipe. Generally speaking, when it comes to the same standard and steel grade, the price of SSAW pipe is cheaper or lower than ERW pipe and LSAW pipe. The strength is higher than the straight seam welded pipe.SSAW - Bebon steelsSSAW(Spiral submerged arc welded) pipes has spiral welding joints and the pipes are welded and formed at the same time. The strip steel with the same specification can produce SSAW pipes with various diameters. The welding joints can avoid major stress and have better force resistance. Disadvantages are poor geometrical diameters; longer welding joints and joints are easily to have


8. Transport flammable and non-flammable fluid pipe, standard number GB / T9711.1 1997. Representative material for L245-L415, etc. (GB / T9711.2) pipeline steel. Mainly used to transport flammable and non-flammable fluid with low or high pressure pipe, require relatively high. Square & Rectangle steel pipe production processLine Pipe - Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.Short Description: Keywordspipe type: carbon steel pipe,Seamless Steel Pipe, Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe, Steel Piping Size: Out Diameter: 2 3/8" - 4 1/2" (60.3mm-114.30mm) Wall Thickness: 0. 205"- 0.635" Length: R1(4.88mtr-7.62mtr), R2(7.62mtr-10.36mtr), R3(10.36mtr or longer) Standard & Grade: API5L,ASTM A106/A53 Ends: Square Ends/Plain Ends (straight cut, saw cut, torch cut l415 ssaw pipeGrade X70 Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipe API5L PLS1 Spirally Submerged Arc Welding API5L PLS1 PLS2 SSAW Steel Pipe Grade X70 . SSAW spiral submerged arc welded pipe, submerged arc welding (including submerged arc welding and electroslag welding etc.) is a kind of important welding method, its inherent stable welding quality, high welding productivity, no arc and smoke rarely etc., make it become the pressure vessel and pipe

Most common l415 ssaw pipe steel plates are rolled by hot rolling or controlled rolling. Compared with the general hot rolling process, the advantages of controlled rolling are: the strength and low temperature toughness of steel plates are greatly improved by controlled rolling to refine grains. In addition, the controlled rolling process can give full play to the role of Microalloying Elements Nb, V and Ti, not only play a role of precipitation strengthening, but also refine the grains, and improve the toughness of the rolled l415 ssaw pipe steel plates.

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